Zaber automated microscopes for high throughput and industrial biology

Zaber Automated Microscopes for High-Throughput & Industrial Bio

The Zaber MVR automated microscope is the ideal platform for developing and deploying novel imaging-based diagnostic tests. Industry standard optics ensure reliable acquisition of high quality data enabling you to deliver accurate, actionable results for clinicians and patients. The MVR platform's modularity and flexibility simplifies integration and supports rapid design iteration while developing your proof of concept and optimizing it for production. Eliminate risks and delays with a common development and deployment platform (Fig. 1). Translating a test developed on a traditional research microscope to purpose-built hardware can introduce unexpected delays. Inevitable differences in hardware and software must be investigated and compensated for. The Zaber MVR smoothly transitions from a high-performance research tool to a cost optimized deployment platform. The MVR platform's flexibility also ensures equipment can be reconfigured to support future development of additional diagnostics, or quickly adapted to pivot as your R&D uncovers attractive new opportunities.

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