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Come and discover all our EMCCD, Infrared, Hyperspectral and Multispectral imaging solutions for your industrial applications. PHOT'Innov, specialist in the distribution and custom development of optoelectronic equipment, will assist you in the development of imaging solutions adapted to your needs.

Industrial & scientific imaging

The cameras offered by PHOT'Innov allow you to acquire images on a recording medium or to transmit the video stream remotely. Discover different cameras, offering specificities for all your applications: sensors (EMCCD), used wavelengths (infrared, ultraviolet...) and speed of shooting (fast cameras)... In the industry, cameras allow the surveillance of production lines, the monitoring of premises, the taking of remote data, the recognition of objects... Imaging solutions allow engineers and researchers to capture, display, analyze, transport and store huge amounts of image data. Imaging also allows the recording of video films to reconstruct a process.