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Our specialists offer high-speed cameras from iX Cameras, a world-renowned technology and product company specializing in high-speed (slow motion) imaging. Based on proprietary innovative technologies, iX Cameras designs, builds and sells state-of-the-art high-speed cameras and software for a wide range of scientific research applications. Our commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of high-speed video science is the reason we select the technically superior, easy-to-use products our customers need to achieve the highest levels of scientific achievement and creativity. The innovation of the i-SPEED camera brand is backed by our world-class service and support teams, ensuring our customers' success.

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High-speed cameras are specific cameras that capture high-speed images at a constant resolution. These cameras use Advanced Sensor Technology and can capture up to 5,000 frames/s. They are mainly intended for industrial, scientific and research applications. High-speed digital cameras are imaging solutions for a variety of applications, including military, medical, industrial, sports, biology and fundamental physics. For example, high speed cameras allow the recording of a manufacturing line to precisely adjust machines, or in the automotive industry, the recording of crash tests to better describe the accident and the way the car and the passengers interact.