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Hyperspectral cameras

Hyperspectral imaging is a combined imaging and spectroscopy technique where each image is taken for a narrow band of the electromagnetic spectrum. For example, the human eye sees light in three bands (red, green and blue) whereas hyperspectral imaging allows us to "see" in a very large number of bands typically ranging from the visible to the near infrared.

The term hyperspectral refers to the number of bands that can be captured across the electromagnetic spectrum. There are currently two hyperspectral imaging technologies: Snapshot and Pushbroom. Hyperspectral cameras are used in various industries, particularly for the identification of certain materials or objects. These include the pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, ecology and astronomy.

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Hyperspectral cameras

Hyperspectral imaging is a non-destructive technique that explores the electromagnetic spectrum beyond the three spectral channels (RGB) of standard cameras. This method allows the detection of a very large number of bands typically ranging from the visible to the near infrared. Hyperspectral imaging acquires narrow (≤10 nm) and contiguous spectral bands. A hyperspectral camera provides for each pixel a characteristic of the photographed material. The applications are numerous. For example: determination of water stress, detection of parasites, detection and monitoring of pollution, measurement of air quality, characterization of stars and exoplanets, analysis of works of art for restoration, quality control, identification of foreign materials, sorting of ores, analysis of rocks, quality control of paper, sorting of household waste...