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Hyperspectral Drone Solutions

We are proud to offer complete turnkey systems that are ready to use and include the UAV. Headwall's hyperspectral imaging sensors are used on a variety of UAS platforms, including models from DJI Enterprise and FreeFly. Headwall professionally integrates and tests every airborne package it sells. Our experience as builders and operators of remote sensing systems has resulted in complete platforms that have flown in regions around the world. The carefully selected manufactured components are thoroughly tested and characterised so that you can trust the data you have captured.

Hyperspectral Cameras & Drones Solutions

Hyperspectral cameras can detect a very large number of bands, ranging from the visible to the near infrared. Hyperspectral imaging acquires narrow (≤10 nm) and contiguous spectral bands. A hyperspectral camera provides for each pixel a characteristic of the photographed material. Associated with drones, the applications are numerous. For example: determination of water stress, detection of parasites, detection and monitoring of pollution, measurement of air quality, characterization of stars and exoplanets, analysis of works of art for restoration, quality control, identification of foreign materials, sorting of ores, analysis of rocks, quality control of paper, sorting of household waste...