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Infrared cameras

Infrared cameras have a wide range of applications. In addition to being used in the maintenance and servicing of machines, they also help determine the thermal characteristics of products and components. Infrared cameras facilitate preventive maintenance planning and also enable many scientific research applications. See our selection of SWIR, MWIR and LWIR infrared imaging solutions.

Industrial Infrared Cameras

From a technological point of view, infrared cameras are characterized by their spatial resolution (linked to the definition of the sensor) and by their thermal resolution (perceptible temperature difference between two points of an object). Infrared cameras are heat-sensitive devices, which produce images in real time depending on the temperature of the objects examined. Infrared cameras are particularly used in industrial and scientific environments, where the quality of the images is critical and where the details sought are impossible to see with conventional cameras. Infrared cameras can capture detailed images of fast-moving events, make precise radiometric measurements, detect points of failure in installations... The thermal camera offers the possibility to accurately measure fast-moving, high-temperature targets at greater distances in sectors such as: industry, defense, aerospace, university, laboratories...