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Multispectral Cameras

The multi-spectral camera allows visualization and analysis of details not visible to the naked eye. Our range consists of SpectralDevices Snapshot multispectral cameras. Compact and light cameras with several discrimination bands from 474nm to 980nm. Simultaneously study the image and spectrum of your samples with our multispectral imaging solutions in the visible and near infrared range.

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Multispectral methods

The scientific multispectral imaging method consists in the acquisition of images generated by Ultra-Violet (U.V.), visible light (VIS) and infrared (N.I.R.) radiation. Multispectral cameras record and measure the interaction of radiation with the material under study in all wavelengths. After extraction, we obtain the diffuse reflection spectra, as with a spectrophotometer, but with the precision of a pixel. The processing of these spectra by the L.A.M. (Layer Amplification Method) technique allows the extraction of information contained in the studied component. The fields of application are varied, one finds in particular the sectors: precision agriculture, biomedical research, food sorting, horticulture, precise detection of colors...