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UV Cameras

UV cameras: sCMOS (Scientific Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) technology is based on next-generation silicon CMOS sensor design and manufacturing techniques. The sCMOS sensors offer extremely low noise, high frame rates, high dynamic range, high quantum efficiency, high resolution and wide field of view. This recent technology appeared in 2009 and is used here by our partner to offer high performance UV cameras. UV cameras allow to record images using light from the ultraviolet spectrum and are used in many fields (scientific, medical, artistic). Our cameras are delivered with the EHD View software, an SDK and a USB 3.0 cable (Windows 10 compatible). Discover our SCMOS UV imaging solutions, back illuminated which offer a very good sensitivity up to 200nm and a high quality signal to noise ratio.

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What is sCMOS technology?

An EMCCD (electron multiplying CCD) camera is a digital camera comprising a CCD (charge coupled device) sensor and an internal structure allowing to amplify the received signals. During the charge transfer process, electrons are directly multiplied in the sensor by multiple collisions after acceleration under a high potential. A very large number of electrons are obtained from a single photon, which increases the signal to noise ratio. Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) cameras offer an array of advanced performance features that make them ideal for high-fidelity quantitative scientific measurements. Providing a wide range of applications across the physical sciences and astronomy, multi-megapixel cameras offer a large field of view and high resolution, without compromising noise, dynamic range or frame rate. sCMOS technology offers superb solutions, whether your application requires: a large field of view, ultimate sCMOS sensitivity, maximum speed capability, high resolution, a nanosecond shutter, X-ray or neutron detection, or even a compact and lightweight design...