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Control by Ultrasonic Laser

Laser Ultrasonic Testing (LUT) combines the sensitivity of ultrasonic inspection with the flexibility of optical systems to meet complex inspection challenges. It has advantages for testing metals, composites, ceramics and liquids. It can remotely and quickly inspect curved surfaces on fixed or moving parts. It can measure parts in hostile environments and at temperatures well above those tolerated by other instruments. Its accuracy and flexibility have made it an interesting new option in the non-destructive testing market.

With laser ultrasound, manufacturers can perform critical measurements early in the manufacturing process, allowing them to post-process parts for quality control. It also allows overhaul and repair shops to test manufactured components of equipment such as aircraft for structural defects and metallurgical properties while they are still in service. These types of measures will allow manufacturers to improve their product quality levels and control their parts costs. They will reduce the cost of shutting down production lines to correct part defects that can be identified by real-time laser ultrasonic monitoring.