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IR thermography

Come and discover all our IR thermography solutions, our bolometric cameras, our cooled cameras for your industrial applications. PHOT'Innov, specialist in the distribution and custom development of optoelectronic equipment, accompanies you in the development of thermography solutions adapted to your needs.

Infrared thermography

Thermography, or infrared thermography, is a technique for obtaining thermal images in the infrared spectral range. Infrared systems are sensitive to the radiation power of the observed body, whose intensity depends on the temperature and its surface characteristics. The surface characteristics are then described in terms of emissivity. The techniques of infrared thermography have spread within many sectors of activity. These processes are used for: non-destructive testing, construction, automotive, aerospace, medicine, defense ... In industry, infrared thermography can be used for: preventive maintenance of production equipment, inspection of electrical systems, quality assurance in production, detection of mechanical and electrical overheating ...