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IR Thermography Solutions

PHOT'Innov offers automated test solutions that allow non-contact failure analysis of semiconductor material during the manufacturing process. The smallest defects in electronic components can be detected and displayed in x and y positions: dot and line shunts, overheating problems, short circuits, oxide defects, transistor and diode failures on the surface of a printed circuit, in integrated circuits, LED modules and battery cells... Discover our selection of infrared thermography solutions.

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Infrared Thermography

Technically, the infrared thermography allows to obtain, by means of an appropriate equipment, the thermal image of a thermal scene observed in a spectral domain of the infrared. In other words, infrared thermography allows to visualize temperature gradients invisible to the naked eye. Infrared cameras, which capture radiation between 3.6 and 13 microns in wavelength, convert this radiation into a thermal image, and they allow the integration of temperatures within a thermogram. The infrared thermography technique is used in prevention and allows the implementation of corrective maintenance actions on failures difficult to detect by other means. It allows to detect any abnormal temperature variation, to check the good functioning of the systems, their energy efficiency or to locate insulation defects and energy loss areas.