A fast, reliable and efficient measurement of fat, water, protein or collagen content ...

Les standards de régulations européens sont toujours plus exigeants en termes de traçabilité et de qualité et pour les producteurs de viande, une mesure fiable et rapide des paramètres clés comme la teneur en gras, le taux d’humidité, de protéines ou de collagène est essentiel. Alors que les méthodes traditionnelles prennent des heures, la spectroscopie Infra Rouge peut délivrer ses résultats en quelques secondes avec des précisions <1%.

The HiperScan Finder SD is a portable, temperature-stabilised spectrometer incorporating a revolutionary MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems) based grating technology covering the wavelength range from 1000 to 1900nm. The samples are measured in a petri dish (Ø 94 mm) placed on a rotating plate. This allows for easy, fast measurement, requiring no cleaning or special preparation.

"We had to wait between two days and two weeks to receive the results of the laboratory analysis," explains John Wijdenes, Director of Wijdenes GmbH. "We can't wait that long. We receive fresh products and we have to check them immediately and ideally process them further before delivering them to our customers.

"Getting started and operating with the Finder SD is incredibly simple and efficient. John Wijdnes is still happy with the decision he made at the last IFFA. "Today we receive our fresh meat, place a sample in the Petri dish and this dish on the machine. One minute later we have our results for fat, protein and water content. 1 minute compared to up to 2 weeks before. This time is money.

"We can now check the quality of our incoming products and demonstrate our quality to our customers. We save money, time and build trust.

The Finder SD can be used indiscriminately for the analysis of pork, beef, turkey, lamb, etc. The measurement is carried out at a temperature that can vary between 3 and 15°C.

The calculation methods are based on well-known references such as Kjeldahl for protein content, hydroxyproline for collagen or BEFFE and Soxhlet for fat content.

The Finder SD allows measurements of Fat content between 0-86% with an accuracy of 0.99%, Protein content between 3-35% with an accuracy of 0.98%, Moisture content between 10-75% with an accuracy of 0.99%.

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