Image Sensors with SenSWIR Technology

Smaller system made possible by the industry’s smallest* pixel at 5 μm

The small-size pixel makes possible both higher pixel count and miniaturization of the sensor, facilitating enhanced accuracy for inspections and increased flexibility for camera positioning, creating more possibilities for SWIR sensing.

Two functions in one image sensor

The image sensors with SenSWIR technology are compatible both with the SWIR spectrum and a wide band of 400 to 1,700 nm wavelengths, which includes the visible light spectrum. Inspections that previously required two cameras, one for visible light imaging and the other for SWIR, can now be carried out with one that integrates both functions.
This not only widens the scope of items and purposes of inspection, but also helps to reduce system cost and accelerate image processing, improving throughput. Also, one camera means the captured images in two modes are identical to the pixel level, avoiding image shift.

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