Moku:Lab’s Oscilloscope features two 500 MSa/s analog input channels with 200 MHz analog bandwidth, 10 Vpp input voltage range, and userconfigurable AC/DC coupling and 50 Ω/1 MΩ impedance. The oscilloscope also features two integrated waveform generators capable of producing sine waves at up to 250 MHz and square, sawtooth, and triangle waves at up to 100 MHz.

Points Clés

• Two analog inputs with 200 MHz
bandwidth; built-in two-channel 250 MHz
waveform generator
• TTL-compatible external trigger
• Onboard signal analysis toolbox:
visualization tools including measurement
trends and histograms
• Math channel with support for arbitrary
• Single tap data uploading to the Cloud,
email or SD card
• Python, MATLAB, and LabVIEW APIs


• Vertical resolution: 12 bits at 500 MSa/s,
up to 22 bits at 1 kSa/s
• Input noise: <30 nV/√Hz above 100 kHz
• Sampling rate: 500 MSa/s
• Input bandwidth: 200 MHz
• Input coupling: AD or DC
• Input Impedance: 50 Ω or 1 MΩ
• Output bandwidth: 300 MHz
• Output waveforms: sine, square, ramp, pulse, DC
• Math channel: Add, subtract, multiply, divide, XY mode, FFT, arbitrary equationmode, and many more