Thermal Micro Actuators for Nanotechnologies

Thermography in MEMS micro actuators research

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) offer a wide range of possible applications in the field of nanotechnology. Everyday examples are the position recognition of mobile phones and the use in airbags, digital cameras or pacemakers. Other applications can be found above all in the field of miniaturised medical diagnostics. Growing demands on miniaturisation affect both the system solutions required for this and the sensors and control elements to be developed.

Micromechanics as support for future nanotechnology applications

The Professorship of Microsystems and Biomedical Engineering at the Chemnitz University of Technology is working on MEMS‐based micro actuators that are intended to serve as a control platform for analyses of nanocomponents and are only a few micrometres in size. Similar to conventional electromechanical positioning tables with three degrees of freedom, the aim is to enable high precision of horizontal or vertical movement of nanocomponents.

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