Contrepoids magnétique pour platines verticales à hautes performances

PHOT'Innov-contrepoids magnétique pour platines verticales Zaber Technologies

Why use a counterbalance?

Linear motor stages deliver excellent precision, dynamic performance, and reliability. Zaber’s controllers combine this high performance with the easy-to-use Zaber ecosystem, providing seamless compatability with a wide range of motion control products and allowing even beginners to access nanometer level motion control in a matter of minutes. Despite excellent performance, linear motor stages are not well suited for vertical applications without modification. Whereas fine-pitch leadscrew stages are inherently self-locking, the electromagnetic direct drive mechanism of linear motor stages means they will fall uncontrollably if power is lost while operating in a vertical orientation. Additionally, because linear motors cannot rely on mechanical drive reductions like screws or gearboxes, they must compensate for the full weight of a payload, resulting in significant heat generation.

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