FAQ : Comment choisir sa caméra ultra rapide ?


Here we outline the top considerations for buying a high-speed camera. This represents the key information required to make an initial informed decision. Check the technical specifications first, but nothing replaces using the camera itself. Before purchasing, schedule a demo to ensure that the camera works well for you: make sure the camera is easy to use, the specifications align with your specific application, and the results you are getting are exactly what you want to see. Every major high-speed camera distributor will allow you to “test drive” a camera before purchasing.

Throughput The single most important aspect to consider when purchasing a high-speed camera is the potential throughput which the camera can achieve. You need to be sure the camera is capable of capturing the number of pixels you want, at the frame rate you need.

Throughput is the direct relationship between the resolution and speed of the camera and can easily be calculated by multiplying the maximum resolution by the maximum frame rate at that resolution.

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