Elec­tronic / Semi­con­ductor Testing Solu­tion - E-LIT

Modular Automated Test Bench


E-LIT – Lock-In Thermography for Electronics is an automated testing solution system (as part of NDT techniques) which allows non-contact (electrical) failure analysis of semiconductor material during the manufacturing process. Inhomogeneous temperature distribution, local power loss, leakage currents, resistive vias, cold joints, latch-up effects and soldering issues can be measured with Lock-in Thermography. This is achieved by using the shortest measurement times combined with a high-performance thermographic camera and a specialised lock-in procedure.

The power supply for this process is clocked with a synchronization module and failures that produce mK or even μK temperature differences are reliably detected by the lock-in thermography system.

Smallest defects at electronic components like point and line shunts, issues from overheating, internal (ohmic) shorts, oxide defects, transistor and diode failures on a PCB surface, in integrated circuits (IC´s), LED modules and battery cells can be detected and displayed in x and y positions. Additionally, it is possible to analyse stacked-die packages or multi-chip modules in z-direction with merely changing the lock-in frequency.

The powerful lock-in thermography software uses the latest algorithms and routines from most recent scientific publications.

E-LIT is extremely powerful also in resolving smallest geometrical structures as it can be equipped with strong microscopic lenses and additional SIL lenses. Identifying smallest structures with InfraTec´s E-LIT does not mean that the resulting field of view will also be smallest – implementing thermal cameras with detector sizes of up to (1,920 x 1,536) pixels provide large scale microscopic imaging. For even larger imaging stitching options are available.

Points Clés

  • Thermal analysis of electronic and semiconductor devices
  • Modular test bench for online lock-in measurement
  • Reliable detection of thermal anomalies in the mK and μK range
  • Spatial location of defects in multilayer PCBs and multi-chip modules
  • Use of thermographic systems with cooled and uncooled detectors
  • Operational software IRBIS® 3 active with comprehensive analysis options in laboratory conditions


Automated Lock In measurement with E LIT from InfraTec