Astrophysical Observations in the SWIR

SIRIS is the most versatile SWIR camera on the market. SIRIS provides high-speed (200 frames per second) full-frame images with ultra-low readout noise (10e-). Two readout modes, full linear and linear/logarithmic, allow for 120 dB dynamic range, which, along with the low noise level, results in hyper-contrast images. The cryogenic and vibration-free deep cooler with permanent vacuum makes SIRIS the perfect tool for scientific observations requiring integrability and transportability.

The following images were taken during several measurement campaigns at the Pic du Midi Observatory in collaboration with the Physics Laboratory of the Ecole Normale Supérieure. Thanks to the expertise of the scientists who led the campaigns, Dr. David Darson (ENS) and Dr. François Colas (Pic du Midi), and to the high-end performances of SIRIS, the campaigns have resulted in exceptional images, which open the way to astrophysical observations previously unattainable with comparable equipment All images were taken with the T1M telescope.

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