Your needs

Controllers and joysticks

Our partner Zaber offers controllers and joysticks for all your applications.

Intuitive and easy to use joystick controller, compatible with all Zaber controllers, the buttons of the controller can be reprogrammed to send specific commands to your connected devices. After programming, the joystick can be used with or without a connected computer.

Controller for stepper motors, piezoelectric drives, electric actuators. The controllers are easy to use and can be backwards compatible with some products (depending on the series). The controllers can also be used to control a wide range of stepper motors, a list of which can be found on each product sheet.

Like all Zaber products, they can be delivered as a complete kit with power supply, accessories, connectors, etc. In addition, the control and command software and the source code are freely available.

There are many possible configurations depending on your needs, to determine your configuration do not hesitate to contact Phot'Innov: your photonics expert.