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SWIR Cameras

nfrared cameras and thermal cameras should not be confused, as they do not have the same field of application.
In fact, both types of camera work on the same principle, i.e. recording the infrared radiation emitted by bodies and objects. However, an infrared camera is sensitive to waves emitted with wavelengths of the order of a micron (10-6), whereas a thermal camera is sensitive to waves emitted with wavelengths of the order of ten microns (10-5). The latter waves (10-5), sometimes called heat waves, are directly related to the temperature of the body or object that produces them.

SWIR cameras: Near-infrared or SWIR cameras work in a similar way to visible cameras. Because photons are reflected or absorbed by an object, they provide the intensive contrast required for high-resolution imaging.

SWIR cameras have a wide range of applications, including: counterfeit detection, electronic dashboard inspection, production, surveillance etc.

SWIR infrared cameras for your applications between 400 and 2500nm - InGaAs and T2SL detectors

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