Microscopic Thermography with ImageIR®

Getting electronical components into focus

One of the key developments in today´s electronics design is the reduction of size. But it is not just about
size that matters, another key parameter is energy consumption. Feeding electronical components with
more and more input for increasing tasks to be handled in parallel and creating more output requires –
energy. Energy that creates another issue – temperature, sometimes even heat. Heat that exists in small
structures can influence their performance – so one key goal for state-of-the-art electronics R&D is to keep
this heat or energy loss as small as possible.
The most straightforward approach to tackle this is using thermography cameras that can perform
touchless temperature measurements instantly and allow real-time temperature analysis. Due to the small
sizes of the components and parts to be monitored these infrared cameras also need to be mated to
microscopical lenses that can identify the very parts that require the necessary energy-saving fine tuning.

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